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Beauty in Balance

You don’t get any more VAG-addict than this guy. He loves VWs, has a Skoda at home and makes a living out of the Audi service centre, close by.  To get there, Vishnu Anil, depends on his Polo 1.6- the only four cylinder engine in the Polo range. And that, by hot hatch standards, is best termed ‘warm’. But Vishnu had other plans on how to hotten up everything.

He went for a subtle yet classy partially murdered-out look on his car. All the chrome details on the front grille were turned black by a clean coat of lacquer while the rear has been totally debadged except for the VW logo that doubles as the boot release handle. Black Lenso 17 inchers and dark tint completed the effect. It all looked even better when he lowered the car on to some Bilstein B14 coilovers, but for added effect, Vishnu got some 20mm spacers at the rear, just so that the rear wheels line up properly with the arches.

To give it some extra go, there are some stage-I mods, like a cold air intake system from Green and a custom fee flow exhaust from Red Rooster Performance. The combination of a deep intake growl with a suitable loud exhaust burble was intoxicating. Polo 1.6 had good midrange performance, so it was top end that sees most improvement here. The engine picks up revs more easily and doesn’t feel out of breath nearing the red line, like it does on the stock car. On the back roads where we had this shoot, it was massive fun, hurling the car through what looked like a chicane. The steering feel is massively helped by the Bilsteins and proper damping lets you throw the vehicle into a corner without upsetting its balance.

Other than the exhaust which is poorly finished, Vishnu, is quite happy with his car. He is so enthusiastic about it that the two days prior to our photoshoot, he was running around to get it polished and the seats reworked by Vanquish – something he had put on hold for quite some time. Audio rates quite high in his book too, as you can see from the JVC touchscreen head unit to the twin amps in the boot one of which powers a Kicker subwoofer. For us, we love the all-rounded nature of this daily driver.

3 thoughts on “Beauty in Balance

  1. Dinesh

    Lovely article.

    The Red Rooster Performance Free Flow is done by a group of guys from Coimbatore. The welding patches are easily visible and its purely focused on the performance. With an FFE and a CAI, this care surely will be doing some 5 extra horses i assume.

  2. Vipin Luke Joseph

    That is one lovely Polo. And I see that there are quite a few stunning black Polos in Cochin. I wish I could buy one in black too and do it up just like some of the examples from Cochin.

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