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Datsun Redigo 1.0L

With the 1.0 litre engine a runaway success in the Kwid, it was only a matter of time before Datsun decided to plonk it in the Redi-Go. In a nutshell, it costs only a smidge over Rs.20 thousand more than the 800 cc variant and you should opt for it with your eyes shut.

Crank it up and you can tell it is immediately more refined than the 800 cc car. The car feels more eager moving off the line and the throttle is better calibrated than in the 800cc car. It feels less jerky, you don’t feel the lack of low end, and it doesn’t stall as much as the 800 cc engine does. It also has better midrange and you can effortlessly keep up with the traffic. Out on the open road too, the 1.0L makes so much difference, needing fewer downshifts to overtake and maintaining a higher speed. 80 kmph equates to about 2500rpm in 5th gear and you can do about 45kmph in the city, in fourth gear with the engine ticking over about 1500rpm. The high seating position, the light clutch and tiny turning circle make it a very good city car.

The car looks the same from the outside, save for the 1.0L badging. The interiors also get a small makeover with the new engine. The black dashboard and seats look better than earlier. It also gets driver airbag, remote keys, full MID, central locking etc. There is good utilization of vertical space and the Redi-Go has adequate space for four. The ground clearance of 185mm coupled with the short overhangs makes it very practical on rough roads. Boot space remains  222 litres. Datsun should have used the opportunity to offer an AMT like in the Kwid, making it the ultimate city car.

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