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Lateral Thinking

Despite its stonking 110bhp diesel, the old Hyundai Verna was never really an enthusiast’s first choice. We never featured one before but one day, we got a call from a college student saying he’s got one, we might like.

On the outside, Vinu’s car looks striking.  That is, by and large, owing to the lowered stance rendered by the H&R lowering springs and the 17 inch, 15 spoke HRS rims, now finished in white to match the body colour and shod with 205/40 Yokohama S-drives. A set of Hella 4000 Luminator upfront also give the Verna an imposing look.

The interiors have also been tastefully done with quality leather and like the exteriors, it is the minor touches that make it feel special. Open the trunk and you’re greeted by a world of coloured LEDs and well stacked audio gear. And then when you see the complete audio system with Rainbow Kick series components, Polk ovals at the rear, a Hertz HE series four channel amp and two JBL monoblocks for the twin JL audio 12” subwoofers, you know this car makes a great sound as well.


To go with the stunning looks and splendid ICE system, Vinu decided to boost the fire power under the hood. So he replaced the stock air-filter with a Green cotton unit and also installed a Pete’s tuning box. He says that the H&R lower springs and the stickier, wider rubber coupled with strong Tar-ox G88 brakes have contributed towards improving the handling – the biggest concern in the Verna.

It shows how patience and some well chosen parts can turn a car with very little mod potential into something of a looker. For us, we are sold till we see a Verna that looks this good and drives this well.

2 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking

  1. Vipin Luke Joseph

    That is one good looking Verna. Love the engine. The interior looks amazing from whatever little I can see of it. And I’d love to know how or from where the owner sourced the H&R lowering springs.

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