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Project Baleno : Fitting Lowering Springs

Vogtland is a relatively new name in India when it comes to suspension systems but the company has been making springs for over a hundred years now. Their lowering springs are designed to work well with the OE dampers of your car, giving you a lowered ride height without affecting the ride quality and comfort – such bold claims, we had to test them.
We got 35mm lowering springs for our trusty Baleno and went out spring swapping. They were a direct fit and it took about two hours to get them fitted on to the dampers.

The strange thing about them is that they are the same length as the standardsprings. So whatever lowering that it provides is from the weight of the car. The springs have a progressive rate of coils, so it compresses a little within the closely spaced coils and then settle down.
Handling improvements aren’t that perceptible, but unlike most stiff springs it doesn’t feel like it lacks damping. There is a hint of body roll too, but after an initial bit, it settles down. The progressive rate also makes them quite comfortable on our roads. The ride quality is better than any lowering springs we have come across from H&R, Eibach, Hotbits and Pedders.

In fact, it is as comfortable as the OE springs. And that is all you need to know when you are choosing lowering springs.

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